Patient Information Leaflet

Minor Skin Operation

  • All operations are undertaken as an outpatient procedure.
  • All operations are carried out under a local anaesthetic.
  • You will be awake during the operation, but the area being operated on will be numb so that you should feel no discomfort.
  • You will be able to drive yourself home, unless otherwise advised.
  • Local anaesthesia is usually effective for 2 hours, after which a little discomfort may be present. If necessary, 2 Paracetamol tablets may be taken every 6 hours.
  • If stitches are used you will be advised when and where they should be removed. They will usually be removed after 5 – 10 days.
  • Do not smoke. Even one cigarette adversely affects wound healing and increases the risks for infection.
  • If you have any specific questions or concerns please discuss with Dr Banfield.

Important: all skin operations will leave a scar


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